Company          Astutium Limited
ASN              29527
AS macro         AS-ASTUTIUM
AS-Sets          AS-ASTUTIUM
Max Prefix       100
MD5 IPv4         on request
MD5 IPv6         not supported
Peering          peering [at]
NOC              noc [at]
Office tel       +44 203 475 2555
Outside hours    +44 780 568 7501
Fax              +44 871 277 6875

LINX	Juniper 	IPv4		UK.LON.TH-North		1000Mb/s
LINX 	Juniper		IPv6    2001:7f8:4:0::7357:1/64		UK.LON.TH-North		1000Mb/s

LINX	Extreme 	IPv4		UK.LON.TH-East		1000Mb/s
LINX	Extreme 	IPv6    2001:7f8:4:1::7357:2/64		UK.LON.TH-East		1000Mb/s

LINX Peering Policy : Open and on Routeservers

AMSIX			IPv4		NL.AMS.Telecity2	1000Mb/s
AMSIX			IPv6	2001:7f8:1::a502:9527:1/64	NL.AMS.Telecity2	1000Mb/s

AMSIX Peering Policy : Open and on Routeservers